Steven Millhauser – Martin Dressler: the Tale of an American Dreamer

Wow, ok, so how do I do this? Drew isn’t here to hold my hand and figure this out so I’m just going to give this a go. Drew is the one that works in the publishing field and is tech-savvy as according to blogging. He also runs an awesome coffee blog which everyone should check out. But without my inspiration he would have never gotten an iPhone. So, anyways, Drew made this fancy wordpress thing, and then I found out they have an iPhone app because my laptop is on the slow spiral of tech-death. Since we came up with the crazy rule that you have to blog before you can start the next book- I have to blog tonight at midnight from my phone because I want to read tomorrow. Drew mentioned the recent upheaval in his life that has led to his break in reading, as has been the case in my life as well. Next week I’ll be moving from Bradley, IL to Lombard,IL, to start classes at Northern Seminary. Things will be changing for me as well. What will change for me, and Drew hinted at it is the emphasis I will be placing on this project as slightly more of a hobby than a work project- that may allow me to enjoy it a little bit more. So onward to the review.

I wish we could post transcripts of our conversations about books on the web, which has given me the idea that we may start a very short podcast detailing our conversations about the books, who knows. Not Drew, because I just came up with that idea- Dressler-esque of you ask me. I started out not liking this book at all. I’m not crazy about Millhauser’s writing style. He repeats a lot of phrases throughout the book. But this novel wore me down with pure force of vision and will , and there is a paragraph describing the Grand Cosmo that may be one of the best paragraphs ever written, there I said it, another Pulitzer first. I love loving a Pulitzer. I really dislike hating them, sorry Richard Ford, Wallace Stegner, Booth Tarkington… Dressler is an ambitious novel that decides to take within it’s scope a lot of material not often addressed but that finds an interesting avenue into the heart of the human condition, pride and amition, creator and creation, perfection in a flawed universe, Millhauser asks and shoulders up against some very interesting points that he does everything an artist needs to do is let the ART speak for itself, not speak, shout, yell, advertise your own wit through your own ‘art’, sorry every other Message Artist, read this book and figure how it’s done.


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