Stage 1: Over

The Pulitzer Project is now officially coming to a close. Now that I have Margaret Wilson’s 1924 Pulitzer-winning novel, The Able McLaughlins, in my possession, and Joshua has H.L. Davis’s 1936 winner,The Honey In the Horn, Joshua and I have finally, after a full year of searching, completed our Pulitzer collections and now comes the time to buckle in and read. The first of three stages has finished and the second is already well under way—reading all 84 (in a few short months, 85) novels. The third stage of this project, then, will be to either write a Pulitzer-winning novel of our own under a pseudonym (i.e. Alan Germain, or Joshua Andrews) or a memoir detailing the journey from inception to completion.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey has in store for these two wearying travelers.


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