One. Book. Right?

I still can’t believe it, but I didn’t think I could ever see any of this happening. Drew and I through some strange circumstances found all of the most impossible books on this list. Today I found Dragon’s Teeth by Upton Sinclair. A book that has put Drew and I through the ringer tens of times throughout this search finding near miss after near miss. Making us almost give up on this search so many times it’s not easy to recount here the frustration and the instant of momentary elation to find out that our sought after treasure was a mere misunderstanding, possibly Dragon’s Harvest by Upton Sinclair, or maybe Dragon’s Seed by Pearl S. Buck another Pulitzer winner written in the same era. But Today, TODAY, I found it in Mishawaka, IN at Better World Books,, and not only did I find it once, I FOUND IT TWICE! They had two copies. After some finagling I bought both copies and Drew owes me big time. I also find the actual white whale, Ernest Poole’s His Family. That leaves Drew and I searching for our final books. And it is a race! We don’t know what’s on the line yet, but we in hot pursuit. I am looking for Harold L. Davis’s Honey in the Horn, and Drew is looking for Margaret Wilson’s The Able McLaughlins. Today was an amazing day for this journey, and a day that neither one of us will forget.

Drew just posted on this a moment ago, but I thought I would riff on him a little.


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