Willa Cather – One of Ours

OneOfOurs_CoverNow I will be the first to say that I do not like Willa Cather. When I was in high school we were forced to read My Antonia. I did not like My Antonia. The pioneer story is not that enchanting to me, especially not ones of people who stopped in Kansas of all places. Then that engendered in me a dislike of all things Kansas if you can believe that until I met the pastor of my church who is from Kansas, then I thought, I should give this state and its people a fair shake. Disliking a state and its people based on a historical novel set there doesn’t seem that reasonable after consideration. All that being said, I wanted to set the stage for the up hill battle this book would have to fight in order for me to respect it, let alone me to enjoy this novel.

I can stand before you now, well, I’m sitting and typing, but I can sit before you now, and type these words and don’t necessarily feeling any less a man and say that I actually enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed this book. I actually adore this book. Cather really beats around the bush in this book, and really sets a story that doesn’t need to be set at all, but its worth the ride. I really had no idea where she was going with this story at all, most of the novel really. After awhile, it starts to firm up a bit, but you are constantly asking yourself why did she write this book? The last chapter sort of sums it all up for you, but not in a final action way, but it a sort of narration way, Cather seems to need for you to know why she wrote the book, and basically tells you in the last chapter through the mouth of the internal thoughts of Mrs. Wheeler. I really liked it. I would recommend anyone who likes World War 1 things to read this book, maybe anyone who likes war books to read this, but other than that, it is a good read, if you have nothing better to do, pick it up you won’t be disappointed.


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