Pulitzer Entry #5

After taking the entire month of February to regroup and assess this journey, I have decided to recommit myself to this task, but at a much slower and more enjoyable pace. Through the dark night that February was, and at many points potentially deciding to give up on the entire endeavor, I remember why I started this project to begin with – I love to read, and I love to write and discuss reading with people that also share this passion. During the course of the past month I was offered a ministry position which I have still yet to pray about and accept, and it helped me refocus this break neck schedule. January felt a lot like November for me. In November I took part in National Novel Writing Month which was very enjoyable, fruitful, but also immensely draining. What I thought I had accomplished in November I could endure through this year. But what strength I can muster in a month, I do not have the stamina to protract over the course of a year, and my attempt soured and I eventually felt like not pausing but giving up entirely. Giving myself a month to think about this project and refocus allowed me time and space I deeply needed. Now I rededicate myself to this venture with the help of my dearly beloved friend and compatriot Drew Moody, embarking together on a shared plan. We had anticipated reading works together but our schedules are so different and difficult that it may be more work than its worth. So we will collaborate on the writing of blogs and finding of this books, but reading may a private experience for the both of us for future purposes. So a catch up on all of the events and random happenings will accompany the news of the next selection.


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